Brunswick Electric Energy Cooperative

Brunswick Electric Energy Cooperative

Hurricane Floyd damaged more than 90 miles of overhead electrical lines on the five Brunswick Islands off the coast of North Carolina. DMS helped secure $20 million for 406 Hazard Mitigation.

DMS developed a conclusive model that demonstrated the cost effectiveness of a hazard mitigation project to bury the overhead power lines. DMS confirmed the 406 Hazard Mitigation project would offset the potential negative economic impacts to the community. Benefits included minimizing the risk of damages to the electrical lines and reducing the risk of electrical service interruption from future events.


The local FEMA Regional Office was initially opposed to the project, despite the obvious economic, safety, and social benefits. After two years of trying to convince FEMA’s Regional Office, the National Office reevaluated the proposal and obligated $20 million in 406 Hazard Mitigation funds. DMS provided justification that the repairs performed immediately after the event were only temporary, and necessary to restore electrical services. These repairs were completed prior to the approval of the 406 Mitigation Grant. The Office of Inspector General conducted an audit which determined that all repair costs were valid and no funds would be subject to de-obligation.


Brunswick Islands serve 86,000 customers across 4 counties. Since the mitigation project, there have been several storms, with no significant damages and almost no service interruptions!

Scope of Work

• Permanent Repairs vs. Temporary Repairs
• Cost Benefit Analysis
• Damage Assessment and Analysis
• Reviewed BEMC’s Procurement Procedures Confirming Compliance with FEMA
• 406 Hazard Mitigation Project
• FEMA Funding Eligibility and Application