Charity Hospital

Charity Hospital

DMS supported an independent damage assessment of Charity Hospital. The revised estimate increased the damage assessments by more than 20x.

The Louisiana State University System’s Charity Hospital was the second oldest, and largest, hospital in the United States. More importantly, it was the region’s only Level I Trauma Center. The hospital suffered catastrophic wind and flood damage as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The facility was forced to shut down. FEMA’s initial damage assessment of $23 million was challenged by the state. With the support of DMS, an arbitration panel ordered FEMA to increase the estimate to $475 million, qualifying the facility for replacement. The insurance carriers’ claims that all damage were a result of flooding, limited the state to only collect limits on the flood policy. DMS developed computer models to show that damage to the upper floors was a result of wind-driven rain, not flooding. The hospital would have been forced to close even if the levees had not broken. Litigation resulted in the excess insurance carriers having to pay $95 million to the state for wind damage.

Scope of Work

• Initial FEMA damage assessment: $23 million
• DMS independent damage assessment: $475 million
• Developed project for replacement in accordance with FEMA 50% Rule
• Constructed computer generated 3D models to demonstrate that water damage on the upper floors resulted from wind-driven rain that tore through the building.
• Insurance integration with public assistance
• Insurance litigation: wind vs. flood
• Insurance Appeal
• Arbitration

Scope of Project

Administration Building Replacement

• 1.75 million ft Replacement Facility
• $475 million FEMA PA
• $95 million excess insurance
• $1.1 billion total replacement cost
• New 446 bed University Medical Center
• Level I Trauma Center
• Teaching hospital affiliated with LSU
• $3.3 billion total funding to date