Charlotte County Public Schools

Charlotte County Public Schools

DMS helped preserve Charlotte High School’s historic architecture through the award of $95 million from FEMA and insurance, to replace the destroyed school.

In 2004, Hurricane Charley made landfall over Port Charlotte, Florida, with winds of 150 mph. This made it the strongest storm to hit the US since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. DMS assisted Charlotte County Public Schools with damage assessments, resulting in the determination that 90 school buildings were significantly damaged and 6 campuses were more than 50% damaged, thus qualifying them for replacement. FEMA agreed. CCPS recovered over $200 million from FEMA and insurance. $95 million was allocated for the replacement of Charlotte High School. The 3 story school was a historic landmark that needed to be preserved. The recovery plan incorporated conservation of the building’s façade, while replacing the interior. The remainder of the campus was designed and built around the main building’s neoclassical style.

Scope of Work

• Initial FEMA damage assessment: $23 million
• DMS independent damage assessment: $475 million
• Damage assessment
• Project worksheet formulation
• Historic Preservation
• FEMA insurance eligibility
• Insurance integration

Scope of Project

• Charlotte High School Buildings
• Historic Landmark Preservation Project
• Plan incorporated the conservation of buildings façade
• Replaced the interior and contents
• Obligated $200 million
• Completed in 4 years

Project Testimonial

“I don’t know if you realize the influence you had on this school district during our time of crisis three years ago (2004). Your confidence and steady thought process as we approached the monumental task that involved “slicing and dicing” in the aftermath of the hurricane, is one I have thought back to many, many times…I want you to know how very much I appreciated you and your kind understanding to all of us within the Charlotte County Public School District.”

Ms. Roseann K. Samson, Ed.D.,
Assistant Superintendent,
Charlotte County Public Schools, FL