Ft. Pierce Marina

Ft. Pierce Marina

DMS developed a plan to construct barrier islands at Fort Pierce’s new docks to provide protection from future storms. FEMA approved the plan and obligated $18 million in funding.

Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Jeanne left extensive damage to the Fort Pierce Marina in 2004. As a result, the marina lost all of its exterior docks. The project took six years to permit and engineer. The final cost of $18 million was completely covered by FEMA, but not without significant resistance along the way. FEMA originally denied the Hazard Mitigation plan to protect the docks from future storms. DMS assisted Fort Pierce in providing the necessary documentation in support of eligibility for mitigation. DMS later developed the required plan, and was able to sway FEMA’s decision. This eco-friendly project was adopted as a pilot program to enhance marine life state-wide by the State of Florida.

Scope of Work

• Damage assessment
• 406 Hazard Mitigation
• Project Worksheet Development
• FEMA and insurance Eligibility
• State Reimbursement Procedures

Scope of Project

• Developed Hazard Mitigation Plan
• Constructed 12 barrier islands
• Changed entrance channel to City marina
• Eco-Friendly pilot project recognized by State