LSU School of Dentistry

LSU School of Dentistry

406 Hazard Mitigation to upgrade and improve pre-Katrina conditions.

The LSU School of Dentistry was severely impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The school was completely flooded. There was over nine feet of water from the basement to the first floor. The Administration Building and the Clinic Buildings were also under water. The campus was shut down. We developed a plan to relocate and fund a temporary facility.


DMS worked closely with LSU, Facility Planning and Control, GOHSEP and FEMA, to develop their 406 Hazard Mitigation Proposal. The funding received provided an opportunity to recover and improve operational efficiencies. It also allowed them to upgrade their data network and infrastructure. New servers and fiber optics increased security. New high-speed connectivity equipment increased data transmission capabilities. $20 million recovered for Alternate and Improved Projects, 406 Hazard Mitigation, Damage Assessment, Grant Management and temporary facilities.

Scope of Work

• Damage assessment and analysis
• Agreed with LSU’s HSCD claim: exterior façade damage was storm related
• Temporary facilities
• FEMA eligibility
• Insurance recovery
• Provided documentation to support the State in recovering insurance policy limit as result of wind damage, enabling building envelope repair funding
• Alternate & improved projects
• 406 Hazard Mitigation
• Grant management