Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital

DMS assisted Memorial Hospital in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina’s high winds severely damaged the roof and windows. DMS was effective in expediting the procurement of disaster related funding to help rebuild the facility.

The DMS team, along with architectural and engineering partners, assisted Memorial Hospital with procurement of funding to repair, rebuild and improve the hospital facilities to current codes and standards. DMS’ service encompassed assessment of damages to develop scope of projects, project management, documentation of worksheets and Project Worksheet closeout. DMS was instrumental in expediting the recovery and reimbursement process which included the procurement funding from all available sources: FEMA Grants ($8.3 million), State of Mississippi, insurance proceeds ($17.7 million), as well as other third party funding resources.

Scope of Work

• Damage Assessment
• Scope Development
• Project Management
• Documentation
• Closeout

Scope of Project

Strengthening building envelope (walls, openings, roof and lowest floor) to make it structurally sound and maximize building protection, while minimizing the vulnerability of penetration by wind, rain, and debris from future disasters.