PSEG Long Island/ Long Island Power Authority

PSEG Long Island/ Long Island Power Authority

DMS is managing LIPA’s recovery project of $1.4 billion, with $729 million just for mitigation.

Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge and strong winds severely damaged LIPA’s infrastructure throughout Long Island. More than 90% of customers reported power outages. DMS is providing Program Management Consulting Services for FEMA and CDBG compliance, to assist LIPA in implementing their recovery efforts. DMS is integrating LIPA’s internal management with other entities involved in the project, to fulfill all objectives according to the established timeline. As always, DMS is focused on maximizing available funding, while achieving FEMA’s grant requirements, reaching a 20% decrease in loss of service and a 29% reduction in physical damages resulting from future events.

Scope of Work

• FEMA/CDBG compliance & documentation for reimbursement
• FEMA compliance inspections of work completion
• Preparation of project closeout by circuit
• Integration with multiple stakeholders
• Manage federal grants
• Oversee FEMA Hazard Mitigation for 300-400 mainline distribution circuits
• Implement eligible codes and standards
• Track program documentation
• Oversee engineering firm’s Hazard Mitigation proposals for construction
• Grant Closeout documentation

Funding Programs

• FEMA Public Assistance
• 428 Capped Grant
• 406 Hazard Mitigation