South Nassau Communities Hospital

South Nassau Communities Hospital

DMS assisted South Nassau Communities Hospital (SNCH) recover $176.9 million for an alternative project. FEMA’s initial damage assessment was only $14 million for repairs.

Long Beach Medical Center (LBMC) was closed after extensive flooding from Hurricane Sandy completely submerged the basement of the main hospital building. Water intrusion and loss of environmental controls caused severe damage in the basement and upper floors of the main building’s Central, East, and Founders wings. The first floor of the Family Alcoholism Counseling and Treatment Services Building as well as four doctors’ cottages were left in shambles. Deleted “as well”


FEMA’s initial damage assessment to repair and restore LBMC was $14 million. DMS assisted LBMC to itemize damages, document the scope of work, and complete repairs to standard. Based on the analysis, it was more cost effective to demolish and rebuild the three older wings of the facility.


FEMA ultimately agreed with the analysis from DMS and wrote a project worksheet for $176.9 million for an alternative project that will better serve the needs of the surrounding community. The total eligible funding for both temporary and permanent work to repair the hospital is projected to exceed $200 million.


In 2014, South Nassau Communities Hospital acquired the assets of Long Beach Medical Center. FEMA  signed a Letter of Understanding with SNCH detailing the $176.9 million capped grant, and authorized the funds to be used by SNCH. The new facility aligns with the New York State Department of Health’s plans for providing healthcare.

Scope of Work

• Establish Temporary Facilities
• Codes and Standards Upgrades
• NY Department of Health Compliance
• Power Separation Issues
• Seismic Upgrades
• Relocate Critical/ Non-Critical MEP Systems
• Function and Capacity Scope Alignment

Scope of Project

• Damage Assessment and Analysis
• Project Worksheet Development
• Temporary and Permanent Work
• FEMA and Insurance Eligibility
• Insurance Integration
• Project Management
• Closeout

Project Testimonial

“It is apparent that DMS is well respected by FEMA’s staff for their knowledge and experience and as a result has been a highly professional and effective advocate for LBMC with FEMA. Beyond their charge, DMS has developed an under-standing of the particular challenges that the Medical Center faces to restore services and has assisted us in that effort as well. For the reasons mentioned herein, we highly recommend DMS Disaster Consultants.”

Douglas L. Melzer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Long Beach Medical Center