Town of North Hempstead, NY

Town of North Hempstead, NY

DMS was initially contracted by the Town of North Hempstead, NY to assist local officials on 17 possible 404 Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (404 HMGP) projects.

DMS discovered that 12 out of 17 should be re-categorized as Hurricane Sandy damage and funded through the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program.


DMS assisted the Town in developing twelve Project Worksheets for more than $80 million in PA funding. These projects include shoreline reconstruction, rebuilding of storm basins and seawalls, and upgrades to the town’s dock in Port Washington.

Scope of Work

Project Versioning

• Originally written as Category A– Debris Removal of Aquatic Sand and Vegetative and Non-Vegetative Debris-Emergency Work
• Version to Category D—Water Control Systems—Permanent Work
• Resulted in an additional $10 to $15 million of Public Assistance (PA) 406 Mitigation funding
• Supported the Town with efforts to obtain PA funding to dredge the harbor, enhance the harbor and dock structure, improve tidal flow ponds and repair dock up to current codes

Scope of Project

• 12 PWs written for an additional $80 million in PA funding
• 406 Hazard Mitigation—Version Category A work to Category D
• Initial Damage Assessment: $19 million
• Initial Damage Assessment: $19 million
• Number of Obligated Projects: 28
• Obligated Amount of Funding: $44 million

Project Testimonial

“DMS came on board….almost 9 months after Sandy struck. They helped projects to the attention of NYS and FEMA, and get them approved. The knowledgeable on the rules governing the recovery funds. After three Project Worksheet number went from 11 projects approved at $14-million, approved at $56-million. This includes our Town Dock facility on Manhasset alone was approved at $12.6-million, and our various dredging projects.

Thomas J. Devany
Grants Coordinator